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Conducting Reviews


"The 40-strong chorus were the stars of the second half, excelling in three display pieces in widely different styles under their chorus master Jeanette Gallant."

Haslemere Herald, UK "The choir, carefully trained by their new chorus mistress Jeanette Gallant...sang superbly in Kodaly's Psalmus Hungaricus."

Haslemere Herald, UK "Newly appointed chorus master Jeanette Gallant had drilled them well, and careful coaching resulted in a sound grasp of the German pronunciation."

Haslemere Herald, UK

"There were some good sonorous chorus textures, particularly in the dramatic Dies Irae and Libera Me, and admirable clarity in the fugalSanctus. Throughout there was innate sensitivity to the composer's dynamics, and a careful attention to detail. Full marks here to chorus trainer Jeanette Gallant."

Haslemere Herald, UK

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